Who we are

At Grace, we have a “Four Fold Focus” that we believe God uses to lead people toward full devotion. Try them out as a checklist in your spiritual journey.

Relationships are essential to a healthy faith. A growing love for God helps us to align our character to the character of Jesus Christ. Jesus also commanded us to love each other the way He loves us. We believe Grace is a great place to find at least one person with whom you talk about the things that are really going on in your life. Our hope is that you find a relationship that can strengthen your faith.

Relevant teaching helps you understand the truth of the Bible in a way that’s relevant to everyday life. By connecting the Bible to life, we grow in our wisdom and relationships. Whether you’re at church listening to a message, listening on the radio, or streaming online, the goal is to have relevant teaching in your life on a regular basis. Personal Bible study is also key to learning more about what Jesus taught.

Serving others is a great way to build your faith. Whether it’s serving at Grace, in the local community or internationally, your faith is increased when you step outside your comfort zone and rely on God to serve others. You will also discover the unique interests and gifting God is growing in you.

Sharing your faith journey gives you the chance to invest in other people’s journey and invite them to discover their next steps in following Jesus Christ. Telling your story is vital to a growing faith.

If you want to grow in your faith we encourage you to focus on these four things. What will be your next step?